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Get Step-by-Step Guidance

Buying a home with a friend or a loved one is complicated. We simplify the process into manageable, actionable steps to save you time, effort, and stress.

Define Ownership

Each situation is unique. We help you agree on how to structure ownership of your new home based on your preferences and individual contributions.

Plan Ahead

No one can predict the future, but we can help you create a plan for what happens if circumstances change - for added peace of mind. Your relationships, finances, and home are worth protecting.

The smarter way to buy a home together. 

Start to finish.

What do our customers say?

"It's not a stretch to say CoBuy is the reason we just purchased our first home. My boyfriend, his parents and I were interested in the idea of going in on a condo together but had no idea where to begin."

"CoBuy provided the education we needed to confidently navigate the process. They were also incredibly friendly, accessible and professional. We would highly recommend them to any group hoping to pool resources to get on the property ladder. Cheers CoBuy!"

Torie & Robin

"The CoBuy team actively encouraged us to consider our options. Now we live in an awesome house (with a mother-in-law apartment for my equally awesome mom) and have peace of mind knowing that we've covered all our bases and have contingency plans for all the ‘what-ifs’ that life can throw your way.”

“I highly recommend that anyone considering buying a house with other people talk to the folks at CoBuy!”

Edwina, Christina & Jason

Starla & Robert

"Going into it unmarried, we wanted to do it intelligently and safely for both of us. How to approach it was a question on both our minds and it was nice to have somebody to help guide us. We've been together for five years but we don't want to be naive about lifespan and finances. "

"I am a seasoned Realtor but I've never come across such an intricate transaction as this. I knew several of the folks at CoBuy and we decided to use their expertise to help us navigate the process."

“They called out things we had not thought of and helped us craft an operating agreement we could live with. Thanks to the CoBuy team!"

Peggy, Terry & Ray

Get on the same page about important aspects of the purchase and co-ownership. Define what you are looking for in a home, individual contributions, and shared goals for ownership.



A CoBuy-certified™ Real Estate Agent guides you through a streamlined home search, transparent negotiations, and a hassle-free closing process.





Navigate your financing options and get approved for a home loan that fits your circumstances and goals. CoBuy-certified™ Lenders provide expert guidance and superior execution.





How it Works

Define and codify key elements of co-ownership in an agreement, such as how you will take and hold title, relative ownership interests, and individual/collective obligations.

Identify and safeguard against risks for financial protection and peace of mind.


We started CoBuy to improve access to homeownership.

We were inspired to make it easier to buy and own a home together after experiencing the risks, challenges, and inefficiencies first-hand.

CoBuy empowers co-buyers through better planning, education, and support. Our focus extends beyond the purchase process. We help you prepare for a successful, protected co-ownership arrangement.

Our values guide us: transparency, accessibility, credibility, accountability.

Why CoBuy?

Learn how CoBuy can help you achieve your homeownership goals.

Planning to buy a home together in the Bay Area?

Is CoBuy my Real Estate Agent?

When you work with CoBuy, we pair you with a top-notch CoBuy-certified™ Real Estate Agent as part of your CoBuy Deal Team.


We select the Real Estate Agents we work with according to proven customer focus, domain expertise, local market knowledge, and collaborative working style. We partner with professionals we would use ourselves.

What if I already have a Real Estate Agent?

We require CoBuyers to use a CoBuy-certified™ Agent.  This is our business model. Why? First, buying a home together is complicated. Success requires that the professionals involved are experienced, communicative, and aligned. Second, this is how we are able to generate revenue while offering our services at no added charge to buyers.

How much does it cost to use CoBuy?

$0. There is no added cost to co-buyers to use our service at this time.

We designed our business model to be customer-centric, buyer-friendly, and hard to turn down. 

We generate revenue through a commission-sharing arrangement with the buy-side CoBuy-certified™ Real Estate Agent.

I'm buying solo. Will CoBuy work with me?

We thought you'd never ask. Of course! Our approach works well for single folks and married folks, too. We're here to help you realize your homeownership goals.

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